For years, I've been reflecting on the ways gender, sexuality, oppression, relationships, and health intersect.  While I don't consider myself an expert on the subject, I do work at helping to break down boundaries to healthy sexuality as I encounter them.  Now I'm a parent, and in the process of reflecting on the values I want to convey to my children, I have found the opportunity to reshape my own understanding, seeking out and bringing into the light the dusty remnants of culturally conditioned muck hiding under my progressiveness.

This blog is part forum for personal exploration, part resource for my family and friends who want to know more about polyamory, and part opportunity to connect with others online who share similar interests.  Very little that you read here will be a completed declaration of fact; this is more me thinking "out loud," and processing through writing.  Feel free to share your ideas through commenting, particularly if you can do so respectfully and in a way that fosters mutual understanding.

And the name?  That comes simply from the fact that I've used a spectrum as my model for teaching orientation and gender identity to my children.  Rather than teach them from an early age to think in terms of a male-female or gay-straight binary, we've explained that there are all sorts of experiences in between, and that this rich and amazing spectrum of human relationships (to others as well as self) is a thing of beauty, to be celebrated and honored.

About me:

I'm a 30something, polyamorous, omnisexual woman married to a man.  We have kids.  I do extensive volunteer work in the area of rape prevention and counseling, as well as other areas related to this blog.  I've been a childbirth educator and doula, and while I am intensely devoted to an alternative spiritual path, I prefer to define my spirituality only as pluralism.  I believe that all people deserve to define their own inner experiences and express them freely in ways that do not harm others.  It is my sincere hope that my children will grow up into, and be a part of shaping, a world that honors all people, and all loving and consensual relationships between adults.